Lore of the Realms : Golden Island

Golden Island is the financial center of the known world. It is currently one of our Featured Regions, and as such it will receive much detail and attention over the next few weeks. Here’s a glance at the city :

“The city is openly opulent, with great gold-plated statues lining the docks where ships from around the Fair Isles Sea moor. Magisters and officials riding in palanquins with processions of exotic beauties are a common sight, and a traveler from any other nation might faint at the price of luxury items available in shops.”

The Fair Isles Sea
The Fair Isles Sea

From a Dungeon Master perspective, the Golden Island is perfect for adventures set around breaking and entering luxurious vaults, challenging private militias or even playing the merchant families against one another. Lavish soirées take place constantly in one villa or the next as slaves die in servitude, working in the mines below.

Last but not least, rumor has it some merchant families, addicted to the Chaotic Drug, have fallen to the influence of Demor, the Prince of Chaos. Will your players stumble across some unholy ritual in a villa’s cellar? Read more on the Golden Island page!