Lore of the Realms : Ravarnôss

Ravarnôss is a region of the Derebari Sea. An arid wasteland, save for a narrow but fertile valley along the Navan River, it is the private domain of two powerful mercenary groups that grow and sell the Chaotic Drug, a substance tainted by the Lord of Chaos’ essence. The trading port of Ravarnôss is the only town to speak of, and there is little population outside of its walls. Mainly slave workers, mercenaries and the remnants of goblinoids tribes in the hills.

Ravarnôss is our first Featured Region. As such, we pay close attention to details when it comes to its history and content. Discover today what brought settlers to the region… and what caused their colonial venture to collapse! Read it all here, and make good use of this background information for your next D&D 5E adventure!

Ravarnoss Sigil
Ravarnôss the Red