Dargueloth’s Coat of Arms, the Empire sigil.

The Empire of Darguelath is the largest nation in the known world. It stretches from the Imperial Hearthlands in the north to the city of Nàmorian far in the south. It is also failing as quickly as its old emperor’s health. The realm, to put it simply, it too scarcely populated to sustain itself. Outside the Hearthlands, the imperial citizens live around regional capitals such as Conarag or Hilzamaro. Uninhabited wilderness spans the hundreds of miles that separate them, and Emperor Escalion the Fourth canno’t afford anymore to maintain the roads, bridges and outposts that tie the cities, and with them, the Empire, together. With that, trade is being increasingly disrupted by monstruous raids. It should, alas, come at no surprise that some regional capitals are discussing, if not preparing, to secede from the Empire.

The Imperial Province of Nàmorian
The Imperial Province of Nàmorian

Empire of Darguelath

Writer  : Maxime Castonguay

Artist : Guillaume Lupien