The Verdant Realm Preserved; Kyr'Hannas' sigil.
The Verdant Realm Preserved; Kyr’Hannas’ sigil.

The First Age of Kur began when the goddess Cafirie, Lady of Order, visited the world and gave the Elves three tomes of power. The Tomes, which retained a drop of the goddess’ essence, were instrumental in saving the Elves from extinction. Monstruous hordes had been sacking their realms for years, butchering Elves by the thousands with little to no resistance. With the Tomes at hand, the survivors quickly became adepts of the arcanes, and soon found themselves in a position to push back the spawns of chaos. A few years later, they played the hordes into mustering their forces on the Great Plains of Kur. They did not meet them in battle, however, and instead unleashed a spell so powerful it shook the entire world and altered the seasons. The hordes were engulfed into fiery chasms that sprung open under their feet. It was a tremendous victory. The Elves went back home and proclaimed the Mystical Realm of Kyr’Hannas. They would never find out that their spell, also, had brought down the Dwarven empire of Kethez-Akhar underneath their feet.

First Age : Kyr’Hannas

Writer : Maxime Castonguay