1. The Greatest Sport in the South
  2. Rules Overview
  3. Prominent Teams

1. The Greatest Sport in the South


The Southern Seas come united under only one occasion: Footbrawl. This sport is played and revered almost everywhere where inhabitants have origins on the Continent of Kur. From Félista to Nurchan by way of Numia, every nation fields a Footbrawl team at least once a year (unless they are at war).

The Fair Isles SeaA tournament spans the region every year, with teams travelling to each other registered locale in turn, and playing their last game of the season at home. Standings are then determined and a grand finale is held between the two top teams. To encourage fair play during the season, this game is played in the home city of the team with the lowest “Penatly for Death” count.

The clergy of the Goddess Herself in Nar-Astra has time and time again tried to oppose the sport, calling it barbaric and unnecessarily brutal, to no avail; even Sumara, capital of Derebar, now boasts a team.

Some conflicts between nations have been known to be resolved by a bout of Footbrawl in the distant past, but state officials nowadays prefer to avoid the possibility of leaving matters of such importance to a most unpredictable sport.

2. Rules Overview


Footbrawl is popular in part for its simplicity, and the athletics it requires:

  • A long field is divided in two halves on its length, and goal posts are placed at each end.
  • A ball made of an extremely durable weave of metal rings and leather straps weighing exactly 20 pounds and measuring 9 inches in diameter starts grounded in the middle of the field.

Each team of 10 players must do whatever it takes to force the ball in the opposing goal. The first team to score 10 points this way wins the game. A team may also win by scoring a streak of 5 points in a row. Matches last 1 hour, split in 2 halves. Whichever team has the highest score after an hour also wins the game.

Professional players are forbidden from forcefully restraining, gouging eyes on purpose, or dismembering other players. If the death of a player occurs, the opposing team suffers a 2-point penalty. Reaching -10 points gets the team banned for the remainder of the year.

The use of magic is strictly prohibited, as well as any magical augmentation of contestants. Wizard officials oversee the finale, and maintain Divination and Anti-magic fields over the playfield to enforce integrity.

Sadly, many instances of official corruption, magical cheating, Glibness during audits, team massacres and chaotic drug riots tarnish this perfectly gentlemanly sport.

3. Prominent Teams


While many smaller nations also field a team during the world tournament, a few better trained, more veteran teams often push to the top. Among these teams are:

  • Barûn-Kor Avalanche;
  • Nurchan Typhoons (Currently under scrutiny for reports of systematic magical cheating);
  • Kabarat Armada (not to be confused with The Kabarat Armada);
  • Sumara’s Golden Army;
  • Numia Panthers;
  • Sehiil Raptors;
  • Félista Scorpions;
  • Annakronôss Stingrays.



Writer and Artist : Guillaume Lupien