The Pickaxe and the Thirty-Seven Pointed Star; Kelzorh-Khar’s sigil

The Kingdom of Kelzorh-Khar is the youngest, yet the most powerful and influencial Dwarven realm in the known world. Its foundation marked the culmination of the Dwarven Exile, and in due course brought an end to the thousand years migration of the clans. Kelzorh, unlike most realms of the stout people, holds onto a vast region of the surface world: the valley that bears its name. In this lush, verdant land, travelers can expect a warm welcome and a pint of red ale. Life seems quieter than usual. The reason for this lies with the tallest summits of Kur, as they wall off the region from the rest of the world. There is no enemy in the valley, only Dwarves, quarries and herds of goats. Villages of stone span the foothills, half-burried under the surface, while high up in the mountains, the royal guard watches over every pass that grants passage into the realm. Under the mountains, it is quite a different story. The Dwarven metropolises act as crossroads between the valley of Kelzorh, the rest of the surface world and the Deeps Below. As such, they are burstling centers of trade, craft and engineering. Thane Brigor is the current High King of Kelzorh.

Kingdom of Kelzorh-Khar

Writer: Maxime Castonguay