Kingdom of Kyr’Hennolas

The Harp in the Magical Realm
The Harp in the Magical Realm, Kyr’Hennolas’ sigil.

The Kingdom of Kyr’Hennolas is the last Elven realm in the known world. Thanks to the Elves’ seclusive policies, it is a nation of great power but little influence. Its history is tied to the Three Tomes of the Goddess Cafirie. Kyr’Hennolas was indeed founded by Elves who rejected the enslavement, during the First Age, of lesser races by the empire. As a matter of fact, most Elves opposed this action, but with the Three Tomes in the hands of the imperialistic minority, there was no stopping it. The empire quelled civil unrest with spectacular force, and the people fell in line pretty quickly.

The opposition had no choice but to flee. To do so, a great deception was executed. The resistance cast a spell on its capital city and moved it across the Atriannes Sea. A handful of rebel mages stayed behind and created a cataclysmic explosion where the city once stood, hoping the empire would believe the rebels had somehow destroyed themselves. It is unclear if Kyr’Hannas fell for it, or if the empire simply did not pursue the fugitives.

Within the Majeure Forest, on the continent of Kur, the rebels hid their city under countless spells and magical barriers. They would remain isolated for two thousand years, studying magic, and not come out until Emperor Nàmorian of Darguelath began cutting down the forest to fuel its numerous wars. The Elves pushed back the Emperor’s incursions and, nonetheless, have stayed out of the world affairs ever since. Today, no one is allowed within the Major Forest, except a handful of mages from Malland. The rest of the world can try and solicit an audience with the Elves through them.

Kingdom of Kyr’Hennolas

Writer: Maxime Castonguay