Order of the Blue Flame


  1. Order of the Blue Flame Overview
  2. Ranks of the order

1. Order of the Blue Flame Overview


In the Year 49 of the Third Age, the Second Tome of the Goddess Herself was discovered beneath the village of Malland. A local cleric immediately recognized the book for what it was and sent a message to the head of the church, asking for instructions.

News of the discovery spread quickly, and the hamlet found itself surrounded by hundreds of people in just a few weeks. Mages hoped to tap into the Tome’s legendary powers, faithfuls were convinced it was a prelude to the return of the goddess and countless lords tried to snatch the Tome for themselves.

shield_blip_paladin_rank6The cleric, haunted by visions of Nar’Séquia and the disaster that befell it, sought refuge inside a small watchtower overlooking Malland. She locked herself up with the Tome and threatened to destroy the book to prevent anyone from getting inside the tower. She held off until the clergy finally arrived in full battle regalia.

The Clergy of Cafirie rescued both its cleric and the Tome, then reached an agreement with the Great Realms in regard to the Tome’s future custody. To prevent a war for the Second Tome, and to make sure no one would abuse its cosmic powers, it was decided that the book would be kept under guard, in Malland, by a special group answering only to the Clergy of the Goddess Herself. Thus, the Order of the Blue Flame was born.

The Order established a fortress on top of the hill behind Malland, and has kept the Tome there ever since. Today, the Order’s junior members travel the world to seek out and eradicate all forms of Chaos, as well as to provide spiritual guidance to those who need it.

Lydia, Acolyte of the Blue Flame, explores the Ravarnôss region. Artist : Guillaume Lupien

2. Ranks of the Order



2.1 Initiate

Candidates wishing to join the Order have to endure four years of training as simple Initiates. They learn devotion and servitude, clean up the streets of Malland, tend to horses and generally conduct any business of a regular squire. Only a handful of candidates fight to the end; most of them give up and go home halfway through their training. Initiates deemed worthy are given a warm welcome into the Order, a cloak and the title of Acolyte.


2.2 Acolyte

Acolytes have been trained to help others and fend for themselves. As Initiates, they were taught letters, numbers, fighting stances, various skills and some degree of craftsmanship.

Acolytes are expected to leave Malland twenty days after the graduation ceremony to venture the world in search of Chaotic influence. They will assist people where civilization has fallen, contain demonic activities and hold high the banner of the Blue Flame. During the pilgrimage, they are forbidden to ask the Order for help or information. Acolytes, however, are required to send back a detailed report on their activities every season, and can be ordered to a new location, or a specific assignment, at will. Thus, the members have no permanent roof over their heads. They possess little, although some are rumored to secretly accumulate treasures in banks of disputable reputation.


2.3 Brother / Sister of the Blue Flame

Many years will pass before the Order finally calls back an Acolyte from its pilgrimage. Actions of great importance are required, and only a few members are elevated each year. Some Acolytes, tired of waiting unnoticed, have been known to fall into blind zealotry. Punishment is swift and severe. More than a few Acolytes, in fact, have lost their powers following some unforgivable act.

Brother and Sister of the Blue Flame are given a permanent bed in the Citadel of the Tome, in Malland. The room itself is shared with one other member of the same rank and sex, but for the first time in its career, the Brother or Sister has a place he or she can call home.

Members of this rank attend classes in Malland for months. They learn about the world’s affairs, diplomacy and statecraft. They are taught how to behave in balls and lavish soirées. The members are then assigned to a Commander of the Order, anywhere in the world, with whom they put their training to the test, as most Commanders act as diplomats in the most prestigious courts.


2.4 Captain of the Order

While Commanders attend balls with Kings and Emperors, Captains of the Order go back to the roots and visit the most difficult areas of the world. They train local militias in the Fair Isles, quietly assist the population of Kürano, watch over the lycanthrope encampments of the Great Marsh… Assignments last for a year, after which Captains head back to Malland, where they become mentors for a new generation of Initiates. The members will often complete two or three tours of duty before being elevated to the rank of Commander. Along with the Acolytes, Captains hold the highest mortality rate in the Order. Their position, however, is regarded as the most prestigious.


2.5 Commander of the Order

Two-dozen Commanders of the Order work in the highest courts of the known world. They negotiate open borders for the Order, secure resources for its members and generally work to promote the Order’s agenda.


2.6 Field-Marshal of the Goddess Herself

The position is currently held by Simrod de Lamar, Field-Marshal of the Goddess Herself, First Custodian of the Second Tome, Bane of Demor, General of the Blue Flame and Lord-Protector of Malland.


Order of the Blue Flame

Writer : Maxime Castonguay

Artist : Guillaume Lupien