While not as vertical and rocky as Simi’il and not as savage as Hisek’iil, Sovohi’il is still counted among the least hospitable of the Seven Sisters, if only for its remoteness. Few ships need to sail past the city, as cartography has so far not revealed anything of major interest for traders on the southern coast of the Balarnok peninsula, and mapping it further down south is seen as folly by most, considering the fauna already found in Balarnok.


  1. Southernmost Port
  2. The Menagerie

1. Southernmost Port


The city’s ambiance feels queer, as most inhabitants speak barely louder than a whisper, as if fearing more noise would wake up something. This is often dismissed as a weird culture from the world’s fringes. The settlement itself is not much to speak of, resembling a large fishing town at best. People do not stray far from the civilized coast; Shambling Mounds are a common occurrence in the depths of the jungle, and some outbreaks of Blights have also been reported periodically.

As previously mentioned, Sovohi’il is the last settlement worth of mention on the southern edge of the known world. Their main trade partner is Simi’il, and not many travelers end up there willingly.

Few captains dare sail the uncharted waters south of Sovohi’il, and fewer still return to tell the tale. Livid crews returning from such voyages speak of seas unending, patches of boiling waters and one account of gigantic tentacles breaching the surface in the distance. But here again, sailors stories from the fringes seem to tend towards inflated fiction.


2. The Firefly Grove


The jungle surrounding the city is literally infested by fireflies that cast an eerie glow between the trees that can be seen even from a passing ship. This might explain the location of the city, as this serves as a natural lighthouse, and has an unsettling beauty to it. Fireflies also spread through the sacred grove of Sovohi’il, illuminating its towering trees, and their gigantic, twisted roots.

On the subject of roots, it must be said that trees from Sovohi’il and islands south of it possess roots of unnatural proportions, which are almost always twisted like a myriad of tentacles seeping everywhere; in between rocks, houses and other trees. It makes navigating the jungles an absolute pain, and they seem to regrow in mere days when hacked away. This certainly adds to the feeling that nature itself past this point is not quite right.

Sovohi’il, Island Paradise

Writer : Guillaume Lupien