The Seven Sisters

The Fair Isles Archipelago houses a plethora of different cultures, each with different customs and upholding different values. Seven cities, however, have a lot more in common between them than all other civilizations in the region. Known in folklore as the Seven Sisters, they are:

  • Seh’iil, the Temple City, and its coastal outpost, Siil;
  • Hisek’iil, the only settlement to thrive on the coasts of Arhankbar;
  • Simi’il, known for its emerald mines and deadly basilisks;
  • Sovoh’iil, south-easternmost trade port in the known world;
  • Al’iil, the first and only city to produce nutmeg and cinnamon;
  • Al’simmaiil, dwindling spice port under the influence and appeal of neighboring Nurchan;
  • Ghiil, famous for its export of exotic beasts and most notably giant ape pelts.

Legends would have it that they were founded and ruled by seven dryad siblings in the Ancient Times, and that settlers flocked to their sides, praising their beauty and charm. However, scholars are doubtful of such stories, since no dryad has ever been spotted by research teams investigating such claims. This myth probably rooted in the fact that all seven cities are built around a central grove of towering tropical trees, held sacred by all indigenous residents and untouched by expansion.

Largely peaceful societies, they welcome trade and have made their mark on the world as a result of it, for few locales can boast more exotic goods (save perhaps the Golden Island). Despite this fact, none of the Seven Sisters are stranger to warfare, and outsiders are not permitted settlement; the local inhabitants have realized on more than one occasion that continental powers have a tendency to subvert trade in the region to their benefit and plunder the great jungles for their resources, only to succumb in droves to heat, unknown southern diseases and swarms of voracious insects native to the region. They would then blame the locals for these deaths and become openly hostile, only to be driven out completely.

They share a somewhat similar body of law, forbid slavery, and common women tend to have much more rights than in the continental parts of the world. All seven cities revere nature, as evidenced by their sacred groves.

The Seven Sisters

Writer : Guillaume Lupien