1. Crafter Heaven
  2. Shipwright Extraordinaire

1. Crafter Heaven


Valkyrion is a nation of builders. Woodworkers, ship builders, stonemasons, jewelers, engineers, smiths and sculptors conglomerate to the city, making it a sort of pilgrimage for anyone looking to have something crafted with exquisite precision. In particular, wooden carvings and statues from the Valkyrian woodcarvers are celebrated the world over.

Numerous guilds of the Fair Isles Sea have a seat there, and guild artisans are often sent to Valkyrion on training voyages to expand their skills. While not as mercantile as the Golden Island or one of the Seven Sisters, Valkyrion is nonetheless a thriving trade port that deals mainly in raw materials such as timber, exotic woods, ivory and rare sculpting stone.

A notable sight in Valkyrion is its booming Gnomish District, where gnomes from all corners of the world come and sate their tinkering instincts. Clockwork animals the size of men and automatons of a myriad variety of purpose can be found there, to the delight of any engineering-inclined traveler.

The Valkyrian Syndicate rules the city. A representative from each guild is elected and seats on a council which drafts policies. These embryonic laws are then put to the vote of all guild members and are made into law on a two-thirds majority. One would expect such a government to be anemically sluggish or to rapidly devolve into utter chaos, but surprisingly only a few instances of total deadlock have been recorded.

The city-state is also uncommonly peaceful, choosing to remain neutral in most neighboring conflicts. To the Valkyrian Syndicate, a war fleet contract is nothing more than another contract, and maritime conflicts have at times been supplied on both sides by the same shipyards, creating deep moral dilemnas for certain builders. These concerns were waved away by the Syndicate itself. However, refusing to pick sides in external wars does not prevent the seeds of self-interest and corruption from often taking root, and one may find more than its fair share of political intrigue in the city’s guild halls.

2. Shipwrights Extraordinaire


The Valkyrion shipyards are famed for their efficiency. Bulk suppliers of the Kabarat Armada, trade and war vessels are built and launched in its harbor almost daily. Valkyrian ships are built in parts, with different guilds taking on specific mandates. As such, “spare parts” are always ready, and it is said that a full vessel can thus be assembled in a couple days. One can only marvel at the sight of such engineering. This gives the ships a very uniform look, and prospective patrons are encouraged to pay an extra amount to have their vessel personalized, be it only a coat of paint or full customization from stern to prow.


Writer : Guillaume Lupien